LED Pixel 33mm x 33mm Naked
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This is the same as the 33mm module but without any casing or wires. It is very thin (2.5mm) and extremely bright.
These RGB LED modules can be individually controlled via a 2 wire interface (clock and data). Each module accepts 5 bits for Red, Green, Blue for a total of 32,768 bright colors in a 16 bit payload. The data can be clocked in at up to 25 mHz, so you can drive thousands them at a very high frame rate. Even an Arduino can run thousands with ease using just two data lines. Each LED is daisychained off the previous LED.

See example Arduino sketch in the related project at the bottom of this page.

Applications are unlimited: LED Video Screen array, Signage, PC Case Illumination, Bar/Club lighting, Festive Lighting, Garden Lighting.
Module dimensions33mm x 33mm x 4mm
Max Watts0.7W (60mA)
Beam Angle150 degrees
Luminance18 Lumens max.
Life50,000 hours
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