LED There be light. We've launched a new range of LED Pixels
Pre-wired and ready to install, we've got full color LED modules for any situation. Use one or use thousands to create the most amazing displays of light that will blow you away.  We've even set up a consultation service to provide assitance for advanced implementations.  Light up anything in any color and then animate it as you please.

Example diagram of LED pixels.

How do they work?  All the LEDs are chained together with a controller at one end. Data flows along the chain as each LED's controller repeats what it received on its input.  The data can be clocked in at high speed (up to 25 mHz)  which means thousands of modules can be updated in a fraction of a second. Implementation of large numbers of pixels is straightforward since there's only 4 wires between each LED and they are shipped pre-connected.

Five different modules to choose from, all sealed and weatherproof:
5V 12mm round shape
5V 20mm round shape
12V 33mm square shape
12V 78mm Rectangular
12V 50mm Dome

To control them, use any 5V Microcontroller with 2 data outputs such as an Arduino.
Alternatively we offer our own, high performance configurable controller (available soon).
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